Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Attic Heat Removal

Removing the heat that gets trapped in your attic from the hot Southern California weather helps keep your home cooler, makes the attic a better storage area and helps extend the life of your roof. It’s not unusual for your attic temperatures to reach 40° to 60° higher than the outside temperature. The excessive heat trapped in the attic can damage items stored in there, raise the temperature of the homes living spaces, make the homes A/C less effective by pre-heating the A/C ducts in the attic, and even shorten the life span of the roof by causing additional wear on it.
You can prevent all of this by properly ventilating the attic through the use of an attic fan. Our expert technicians will come out and design a system that best fits your needs and size of your attic. Our systems are quiet, efficient, and designed based on your homes needs to evacuate the excessive hot air trapped in your attic. The benefits include:

  • A cooler attic space turns it into a more adequate and usable storage space.
  • Makes your homes air conditioning more efficient by reducing the ambient temperature of the home, which can lead to reduced cooling costs.
  • If you have central A/C, ventilating the excess heat also significantly reduces the temperature of the A/C ducts adding even more efficiency in cooling your home.
  • Excess heat can “pre-heat” central A/C ducts running through the attic. Significantly reducing the attics temperature will reduce this and make your cooling system more efficient.
  • Reduces excess wear on your roof extending its life and reducing costly repairs.

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