Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Main Service Upgrades & Replacements

The heart of your home is the main electrical service panel. Over the years, with the influx of modern technology, the capabilities, quality, and condition of your homes electrical system has become very important. Servicing it, replacing it or upgrading it has become a necessary part of maintaining your home when you have a service panel that is outdated, showing signs of trouble, or doesn’t offer enough amperage support for the electrical needs of your home.

What is the purpose of the main service panel? Well, a common misconception is that its sole purpose is to distribute power to the home. However, one of the primary responsibilities of the main service is as a safety device designed to cut the power in the event of a problem. What this means is that just because your lights and electronics turn on and off in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that your panel is safe and working properly. Many problems in the panel go unnoticed until a bigger problem arises, that is why we always do a full inspection on every job we do to make sure your home panel can handle any new electrical work being done in your home, and more importantly, is operating properly and safely.

Much like the brakes in your car, replacement is recommended before the device completely fails because it is a safety device for you home. So if your panel is undersized, showing signs of wearing out, or causing electrical problems in areas of the house (flickering lights, partial power, burnt breakers, etc.) then upgrading it or replacing it now may be necessary.


Feder's recommends replacing panels manufactured by both Zinsco and Federal Pacific. These panels have a poor safety record and we recommend replacing them with a safer, more reliable and up to date panel. Both were popular designs a long time ago and are commonly found in older homes. However, they both have proven to have significant flaws in there design and have been shown unreliable to cut power in the event of an overload which can lead to damage to the panel, breakers, homes electrical devices, or even in some cases cause a fire or hurt someone.

For more information on the dangers of these panels, you can do your own due diligence on the internet as there is an abundant amount of information available about the dangers of these panels. Sites such as www.ismypanelsafe.com provide lots of insight to the flaws of these panels.

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